The people behind Pastures for Pollinators are folks just like you.

Together we can make a difference.

We are fiercely independent with strong ties to our local, regional and national communities and have a deep commitment to providing real solutions that make a difference. 

With the decline in pollinators it is apparent that those of us that rely on agriculture for our livelihood need to step up. No longer can we afford to wait for someone else to develop a plan.

bees on phacelia
fixation pollinator

It is up to each and every one of us to take immediate action, change our thought process and focus on increasing sustainability in our farming practices. It is our responsibility, as stewards of the land, to leave this world a better place. We owe that much to future generations.

Pastures for Pollinators mixture was developed to meet the unique challenges faced as we steward our precious resources, preserving them for future generations.

Quality forages are an integral part of a profitable livestock operation; from planting to harvesting and grazing to healthier animals, insects and soil.

These all work together to keep the delicate natural balance that supports human existence.  By thinking outside the box, we have developed this product to fit, sustain and flourish your system, our environment and our future.

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pollinators on frosty berseem

But progress is never satisfied.

Collaborating with leading researchers and scientists, we continue to improve our formulation. Uncovering opportunities and developing new varieties that thrive in challenging conditions.

Thank you for supporting Pastures for Pollinators, your purchase is an investment in our continued research on behalf of pollinators everywhere.